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Financial Aids

For the year 2010, SFTC plans to enroll 3,048 high school graduates from 12 provinces and municipalities including:

Shandong Jiangsu Henan
Hebei Zhejiang Hubei
Shanxi Anhui Qinghai
Liaoning Chongqing Guizhou

covering the following majors:

International Trade
Custom Clearance and International Cargo Transportation
Logistics Management
International Commerce
Civil Aviation Service
Computer-aided Accounting
International Tourism
Secretarial Studies
Finance and Insurance
Business English
Business Japanese
Business Korean
Software Technology (Outsourcing-oriented)
Electronic Business
Information Management
Computer Applications (Outsourcing-oriented)

Students' tuition and accommodation fees are charged in accordance with the provisions of the Shandong Provincial Pricing Bureau.
Tuition:  RMB 5,000/year per student
               RMB 4,800year per student
Accommodation fees:  RMB 800/year per person
                       RMB 500/year per person